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How do you know which Plumber in Parramatta or Electrician in Parramatta provides the most reliable and cost effective Plumbing & Electrical Services?

  • Plumbers & Electricians in Parramatta with rave customer reviews
  • Plumbers & Electricians in Parramatta who are competitively priced
  • Plumbing & Electrical Services in Parramatta who Guarantee their work
  • 24hr Emergency Plumbing & Electrical Services in Parramatta

Parramatta Plumbers & Electricians who are reliable, are qualified and experienced tradespeople, who have been providing Plumbing & Electrical Services in the Parramatta area for a number-of-years, and who have built up a good name in the area.

Additionally, Alan Oxford’s Plumbing & Electrical have been the name many businesses have turned to for Plumbers and Electricians in Parramatta. Real Estate & Strata Managers in Parramatta have relied upon Alan Oxford’s Plumbers & Electricians to provide the full scope of Strata & Real Estate Plumbing & Electrical Services in Parramatta for decades, thus giving the Property managers peace-of-mind in knowing their tenants’ requirements are attended to in a timely manner. 

A Reliable Plumber & Electrician in Parramatta is handy to have in your speed dial, and is something many people and businesses require every so often. Alan Oxford’s Plumbing & Electrical also provides Plumbing & Electrical Services for the Elderly in Parramatta, from maintaining Smoke detectors to fixing a leaky tap. 

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If you require a reliable and experienced Plumber in Parramatta or Electrician in Parramatta, then do not hesitate to call Alan Oxford’s Plumbers & Electricians.

At Alan Oxford’s Plumbing & Electrical, we specialise in Plumbing and Electrical Services in Parramatta. Our Plumbers & Electricians in Parramatta are very well priced, and give our customers peace-of-mind for all plumbing and electrical services. We provide a Customer Service Guarantee and a 24hr Emergency Plumbing & Electrical Service in Parramatta, to ensure we can help you at your time of need. For more information on why you should choose Alan Oxford’s Plumbing & Electrical for all your Plumbing & Electrical Services in Parramatta & North Parramatta, please contact our friendly team on (02) 9894 9623 to arrange a booking.


Our Testimonials

  • I highly endorse Alan Oxford Plumbing for Plumbing & Electricals to any potential client. I have been using the services of Alan Oxford Plumbing for the past 3+ years, and during this time, they have carried out various plumbing maintenance and refurbishment projects in Hills Districts.

    Not only have they always performed to our time programmes, they also offer a professional consultancy to overcome any difficult situation as well as providing cost saving advice.

    I do not hesitate to recommend Alan Oxford Plumbing to any business.

    — Wayne

  • Alan Oxford Plumbing & Electrical have maintained an excellent working relationship with our company.

    The service, reliability and professionalism displayed by Alan Oxford’s are qualities that stand them apart from other companies. It is a pleasure to deal with Alan Oxford at all stages of our projects from tendering to installation and commissioning.

    I highly recommend the services of Alan Oxford Plumbing & Electrical to any organisation.

    — John

  • Alan Oxford is the preferred supplier for all our plumbing maintenance to the Sydney villages. They are also the preferred supplier for the contractor who currently completes all upgrades in units within the villages in both the Sydney and the Central Coast regions.

    Alan Oxford Plumbing & Electrical are fully compliant with the changes to the Occupational health and Safety laws in 2013.When called upon for service they are always prompt and complete the job quickly and efficiently.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Alan Oxford Plumbing & Electrical as a plumbing and electrical contractor.

    — Deborah

  • I am writing to you to thank you for the past 8 years of service you have given me at our Real Estate. I have found you and your team to be very professional, knowledgeable and competitive. In an industry that is very competitive, your team always delivers excellent customer service.

    Thank you for your assistance and look forward to continuing our future dealings. 

    — Sam

  • We are a large portfolio of Strata, Neighbourhood & Community schemes throughout NSW and currently engaged the services of Alan Oxford Plumbing & Electrical for our plumbing and electrical services.

    The staff members provide professional advice and quality service, and where necessary provide reports from site when further repairs are necessary. In addition, the company is supported by friendly and knowledgeable office staff who respond to calls and/or emails in a prompt and efficient manner.

    Currently Alan Oxford Plumbing & Electrical are our after hour’s emergency contact for all our owners. We have no hesitation in recommending Alan Oxford Plumbing & Electrical to any company.

    — Donna