LED Installation & Upgrades

Instant Light

Most traditional light sources take a few minutes to start up properly and reach their full potential. However, LEDs emit maximum light output immediately after they are turned on. With this in mind, it’s worth considering LED light upgrades, particularly for hazardous environments where instant lighting is crucial for safety. 


Traditional lights generate heat as they provide light, but LED lights produce minimal heat in comparison and as a result are generally safe to touch. With most of the energy generated providing light rather than heat. LEDs help to minimise the likelihood of safety hazards occurring, such as burns to the body. Therefore, LED light installation is a great way to minimise potential hazards due to poor lighting conditions and improve overall safety in otherwise low light areas.

Directional Light

LEDs make it easy for light to be directed to exactly where it’s needed. Because LED lights have the ability to control their direction without using a reflector, their light can be aimed more accurately and therefore only areas requiring light will be lit. This can be helpful for wayfinding and outdoor LED lighting solutions.

Energy Efficiency

LEDs are much more efficient in comparison to traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs alternatives. With an estimated energy saving of 80-90%. This basically means that most of the energy generated is emitted as light, with only around 20% of energy lost. This is not the case for traditional light sources such as incandescent bulbs, which lose most of the energy generated as heat. To save on the energy used for lighting consider LED light upgrades for your home or business.

Longer Lifespan

LEDs have a longer lifespan than traditional light sources and can last from 10,000-50,000 hours, depending on the type of LED. Unlike incandescent bulbs which eventually burn out and stop working, LEDs lose brightness and become dimmer over time. This means that LED lights can still be used for a period of time after they lose maximum capacity. Therefore, LED light installation can save you money in the long run, as they last longer than other lighting alternatives, despite being a bit more expensive to purchase initially.


LEDs are far less susceptible to damage than traditional lights such as incandescent bulbs. LEDs are a type of solid state lighting, which allows them to resist rough conditions, vibrations, shock and high impact. They are also able to function effectively in both cold and hot temperatures, making them a great selection for a range of situations, from harsh weather conditions to high traffic areas. LED lights are less likely to shatter when compared to incandescent bulbs and other traditional light sources, making them the recommended option for outdoor lighting, job sites and even vehicles.

Environmentally Friendly

LEDs are known to be the more environmentally friendly lighting option as LEDs do not contain harmful chemicals that are toxic to both humans and the environment, and produce less carbon emissions. Mercury which is found in Fluorescent lights, is non-existent in LEDs, making them much safer to dispose of. Also, the fact that LEDs last longer, means that they will need to be replaced and disposed of much less frequently. As more people prioritise environmentally conscious decisions, LED light upgrades have become more popular, and will continue to be used for this reason alone.

Greater Colour Spectrum

A wide array of colours can be produced with LEDs, making them suitable for a range of applications including live entertainment and decorative lighting for events. With numerous colour temperatures available including warm white, cool white and daylight, a suitable colour temperature can be selected for LED light installation in homes, businesses, retail and more. Effective mood lighting is also highly possible with the range of colour temperatures made possible through LEDs.

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